Friday, December 2, 2011

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Pictures speak a thousand words. Whenever we go on tour, cameras will always be part of it, an important part of the tour. Today’s technology makes it easy to record events and actions on digital cameras.

Here are some pictures I took about our staff at Uno Overseas. These are unique and they deliver a message. Whenever I take pictures, I always look for a theme and there is a story behind it.

So let me share my story with you. 
This is my favorite. All three ladies in their best form, promise.

Berna is the professional one, the favorite photographer of the group.

Dez is the chronicler of the group. I think she took pictures of all the things we did.

Joy is the only one who was using a video to record every movement the group makes.

Looks like she is having a hard time focusing.

Tony knows how to make himself seen.

El Jay is surely taking photo of his darling, bet you.

Mercy is not to be left behind.

Take it easy Candy.

Tony is really trying his best, don't you think so?
I am sure you'll appreciate these wonderful folks who have only one desire, that is, to bless others by being their photographer.

I am blessed,

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