Friday, December 30, 2011

A Family Tradition

Families are dear to our hearts. We were taught and we saw it from our parents, specially from mom and dad Valencia, that we can always have a reason to spend time together as a family.

This tradition we continue to uphold.

Last Wednesday, we invited the Geronimo and San Diego family for lunch at the Max's in Roces Avenue.

We specially welcome Edwina, Allan's mom, who resides in Los Angeles. She's here for a Christmas vacation and to be with Allan and Monica and hold in her arms for the first time, Xander, her precious grandson.

We enjoyed each others company. The food was, of course, delicious and filling.

Thanks to the Geronimo family for the opportunity to host them for lunch. Hopefully, it is not the last but the start of many more time together.

Going forward and unstoppable,

P.S. Blessings to Edwina as she goes back to LA next week. May the Lord, who has healed you, continue to give you the grace to go on and the strength to overcome any challenges.

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