Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank God For The Problems

This week has been challenging for me. My car, a Toyota Corolla -1994 model, broke down. It has been at Exalta, a car shop in Banawe, which is owned by my friend, Ruel Larrosa and Edna Cuntapay. It has been there since Tuesday.

I had to take the public transport while my car was being fixed. During this time, I was able to get a better view of what people go through rider the public transport. I talked with the drivers of taxi and Jeepney that I rode on going to my office in Espana in Manila.
Most taxi drivers I talked to avoided taking me to my place of work because of the huge traffic build up happening daily at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Araneta Avenue. The DPWH is constructing an underpass in that area.

Yesterday, one taxi driver impressed me so much. When I asked to be taken to my office in Espana, he GLADLY said yes! He was also the only driver that greeted us "Good morning" when we rode his taxi from Commonwealth Avenue. The fare to my office amounted to P247.00. I gave him P300 for a very good service he gave me that day.

Lesson learned: never say no when it comes to serving the needs of your customers. They might just be the person you need to be financially blessed.

The previous day, the opposite happened. The taxi driver refused to bring me to my workplace due to the traffic. he was more concerned for his convenience and the possibility to be holed up in the traffic thereby decreasing his income potential. So I asked to be dropped along Quezon Avenue so I can take a Jeepney.

I was able to ride a Jeepney with less passengers. I took the front seat beside the driver. I had an interesting and a long conversation with the enthusiastic driver. I learned that because of the heavy traffic along Araneta and Quezon Avenues, he was losing about 6 trips, which he estimated cost him about P1,000 a day. With that money, Jeepney drivers can buy a lot of rice to feed the family!

I really enjoyed that 2 carless days.

Like what St. Paul said, in all circumstances, I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.

I know something good will come out of what I have been through this week.

I learned a lot from the drivers. I learned a lot about myself.

I learned a lot from my problems. Thank God for the problems.


P.S. My car, a Toyota Corolla - 1994 model, has been fixed by Chief (we call Ruel that name because he is good in providing his client an excellent service). Exalta can be contacted at 7885119 or 7819958. I highly recommend Chief Ruel to those looking for someone they can trust for the repair of their cars.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ultimately, It's Me

Golf by Accident
I was hooked to playing golf by accident. It was in 1985 when I first tried my hands on golf. My boss, Loy Nadal, was playing at the Fort Bonifacio Golf Club. He invited me to come with him and so I did. I had no plan whatsoever to play or did I consider it a bit as my hobby. So I went with him through the 18 hole game! Boy, did I get tired? You bet. But honestly, deep down inside I was beginning to change my perception of the game.
When our Japanese expat returned home, he talked with me and gave me his golf set. What? His golf set. It wasn't new but I was so excited to have one. However, that golf set did not bring me to the golf range immediately. Months have passed and nothing was happening.

The Golf Shoes Did it
One day, I went to visit the range in Fort  Bonifacio. It was just a plan to have lunch there and after that go back to office. As I was loitering around, I found myself inside the shop and looking at this golf shoes that was really good looking and the price was affordable. You know what? I bought it. I said, if I don't buy this I won't be able to start playing golf. That was it. the shoes did it for me!

Elmer, my Coach
I got professional help. Hired Elmer, the pro golf instructor at the range. He comes highly recommended. So everyday for the next two (2) months I was at the range for my lessons with Elmer during my lunch breaks, sort of 2 in 1 event. He really gave me my basic golf strokes and I was good. I saw my ball flying up to 200m and I loved every minute of my time with him.

My lessons was capped with my first try on the green at the old Canlubang Golf course. Elmer gave me the confidence I needed and I after that I was on my own and on my way to more golf experiences. My regular golf course was at the Navy Golf inside the fort also.

As years went by, I began to read a lot of magazines to try to improve my swings. I noticed that the more I read, the more my swing gets worse compared to what Elmer thought me. I tried to go back to my "Elmer" swing but I was having s bit of difficulty. So I decided to do away with trying to listen to many lessons on how to swing and just maintained my original swing, the way Elmer taught me.

Blogging My Way
Why am I telling you this? When I started blogging, I didn't know anything. I decided to be mentored just like my golf experience. So I enrolled and is now being mentored by Jomar Hilario. That was in December of 2010. It's almost a year this coming December. I learned a lot from Jomar. I am writing this blog directly on the post as a result of his mentoring.

But just like my experience with golf, I began to look at other's idea about blogging. I subscribed to many known blogging experts. You know what? The more I read, listened and looked, the more I get confused. I am beginning to smell that everyone of those who say the are the "guru" have a common vision: to get enough followers for a reason only they know. I am not saying that it is bad. All I am saying is, to simplify my life, I will have to decide which one will I really consider my mentor, coach or guide. In golf, it is Elmer. Now I have developed my swing with Elmer's lessons as my foundation. But hey, When I am in the green, it's ultimately my swing that will make or break me.

So it is with my blogging. Thank God for Jomar. But in the end, it will be me who will make or break me.

Happy golfing and blogging,
Jimmy, Unstoppable

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unknowingly Blaming God

This week has been very stressful for me. My BP went up to as high as 140/100. I felt my heart pumping hard. Many times I wake up early in the morning because I felt my heart was pumping real hard. This episode went on for about a week. Went to see my doctor and she did an ECG on me because through her stethoscope, she felt my heart was skipping. She requested for an immediate ECG. There I was lying on the clinic bed believing God for a good result. My doctor couldn't believe what she was seeing, the printed result says my heart was normal! She said, I must be stressed.

Yesterday, my wife and I went to a drugstore at 3 am to buy the medicine prescribed for me. I couldn't sleep because my BP rose to 140/100. Nowadays, my normal is 130/90. I need to lower that to 120/80 says my doctor. So she prescribed a beta blocker to help me do that. Back to my sleep, finally I was able to sleep at around 4 am after taking the medicine we bought. Woke up at 8 because we need to attend a wedding where I am one of the sponsor. I wish I can sleep more.

This afternoon at church, we attended our daily  fasting and prayer in preparation for the New Beginning which will start on Yum Kippur, on October 8. This is a bit theological and I won't be able to explain it at this time. We had a time of repentance, allowing God to search our hearts for issues that hinder our relationship with Him. You see, in my mind, I know I have asked forgiveness for all sins I have committed as far as my memory allows me to remember. I was seating next to my wife, I covered my face with my hands to start my prayer. Almost suddenly, The Lord caused me to remember that I have something against Him. What? Me having a grudge against God? No, not me.
I knew it. He caused me to remember how I was blaming everyone on what happened when I was removed from the payroll of our church in order to save its finances due to decreasing membership and rising operating cost. I happily accepted that decision at that time and went on to look for a new job to sustain my financial needs. Almost two years have passed since then. Many times when we have trials, we tend to look for ways to understand why this was happening. We, however, end up asking more questions than answers. Many times, I blame people, the system and I also tried to compare myself with my co-pastors. In my mind, I was saying: If I was still working in church, I don't need to rush to office everyday. I can have time to exercise and therefore I would have avoid stress and as a result have a very good BP.

As I was musing on these thoughts, I began telling God that its was really His fault! I was angry with Him but because He is God, I know I couldn't do that to Him. So I began to look for people to blame. While this was going on in my mind, I began to sob. Isn't it true that we are the ones normally asking God for forgiveness? This time, I found myself the one forgiving God. Unbeknown to me, I was putting the blame on others for my situation, but it was really God whom I was blaming. In His mercy, He caused me to see that too. But you know what? I can see Him smiling at me and telling me that He understands what I was going through and that He wasn't mad at me. He allowed my anger to come out as part of my healing. I shed tears but there was more mucus coming out of my nose than tears. God was so funny because now my clogged nose have been cleared!

I know I was released today. God's issue with me have been settled. I have peace in my heart that He loves me and He understands me. He is my Father!

God is not through with me yet. He is preparing me for a BIG blessing. I can't wait. For the meantime, I want to move on with God. He is a loving Father to me and you.

Unstoppable. That's the name God gave me. He's telling me that this is just the beginning of a new and wonderful life for me. I am not giving up on God. I am unstoppable.


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