Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grateful for the Tour

It was just an idea. The prospect of travel for the staff of Uno Overseas was just an idea. Sometime in August this year, the company also gave us a treat. We went to Boracay for a week of vacation. But this time, we thought of traveling  to Hongkong. Why not?
At the Hong Kong Airport on our arrival

So it was just an idea that became reality when out of the blue, our lawyer, Atty. Lucy Labad, told us of her tour to Hongkong. That was the clincher. So, we booked ourselves, on this tour that will take us to Hongkong, Macau and to Shenzen, China.
Maritess posing with the lady from mainland China in her native dress
As I am writing this in our hotel here in Shenzen, I can’t help but thank God for the blessing. My wife and I are grateful for the chance to travel together with the wonderful staff of Uno. We had fun together traveling on MTR (Metro trains) in Hongkong, shopping at Mongkok,  and ending our exciting time in Disneyland. The last leg was traveling by train to Shenzen, China. Going in and out of the immigration of HongKong, Macau and Shenzhen were in itself an adventure.
Savoring the chinese duck menu

Today we had breakfast at the hotel. To tell the truth, I was expecting  a very sumptuous morning breakfast. But to our surprise, it was different. The food were not laid out well like I was used to whenever I eat breakfast in the Toyoko Inn Hotels in Japan.
My breakfast in Shenzhen, love it!

But then, this is China. Their ways are different than others. This is their breakfast menu: Congee of rice only, noodles, siopao, bread, Chinese style Kimchi and flavored boiled eggs. These were placed in large plastic containers! It was different, it was chinese.
Maritess and I at the Venetian in Macau
All in all, Maritess and I are grateful to be part of this tour. It was indeed a blessing. For after all, who would ever thought we will visit Shenzen, Canton, China, the land where my father was born!

Grateful for the blessing,

P.S. My friend, Ador Ordonez, is a sought after tour organizer in the Philippines. He has been in so many countries and had put together tours which we very exotic and adventurous in nature. I highly recommend their blog Travel the World. To see is to believe.

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