Thursday, December 8, 2011

Face of tyranny

Face of tyranny

I appreciate this article so much. It presents what is really behind our President P-Noy's reason why he is lambasting the Arroyo appointed Justices of the Supreme Court. What they decide on affects all our lives, none exempted.

I like what the author said: "When government issues a patently unjust decree, the people may challenge it and bring the case to court. When the Supreme Court makes a patently unjust ruling, what can anyone do about it? What can the flight attendants do after the Supreme Court decided to reopen a case it had ruled upon with finality three times in their favor because of a letter from Estelito Mendoza importuning it to do so? Legally at least, the flight attendants know that the resolution of their case—if it ever comes to that—rests on the same Court that has been screwing them."

This is indeed tyranny to the highest level. Who can challenge the Supreme Court? It's a good thing we have a president that does.

I hope and pray that these Arroyo appointed justices will bring back the credibility of the last recourse of the people, the Supreme Court.

May God have mercy on us.


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