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I am posting this article from one of my favorite author/speaker, Francis Kong. The only reason why I am doing this is because I am challenged by the story of the soldier, who was rejected by the father. Many times I reject people simply because they are annoying to me or they bother me. I feel sad about this. If I truly have the love of God in my heart, I must change.
I must love others unconditionally like Jesus loved me. I know it will be easier said than done but I must love the way Jesus loved.

I pray that you too will be inspired when you read this as I have been. 
Here's the blog by Francis Kong:

Here is an old story. I have used this in my radio program and I would like to share this with you.
A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He called his parents from San Francisco.
"Mom and dad, I’m coming home, but I’ve a favor to ask. I have a friend I’d like to bring home with me."
"Sure," they replied. "We’d love to meet him."
"There’s something you should know," the son continued. "He was hurt pretty badly in the fighting. He stepped on a land mine and lost an arm and a leg. He has nowhere else to go, and I want him to come live with us."
"I’m sorry to hear that son. Maybe we can help him find somewhere to live."
"No, mom and dad, I want him to live with us."
"Son," said the father, "you don't know what you're asking. Someone with such a handicap would be a terrible burden to us. We have our own lives to live, and we can't let something like this interfere with our lives. I think you should just come home and forget about this guy. He'll find a way to live on his own."
At that point, the son hung up the phone. The parents heard nothing more from him. A few days later, however, they received a call from the San Francisco police. Their son died after falling from a building, they were told. The police believed it was suicide.
The grief-stricken parents flew to San Francisco and were taken to the city morgue to identify the body of their son. They recognized him, but to their horror they also discovered something they didn't know - their son had only one arm and one leg.[1]

The parents in this story are not unlike many of us. We find it easy to accept those who are good-looking or fun to have around, but we don't like people who inconvenience us or make us feel uncomfortable. We would rather stay away from people who are not as healthy, beautiful or as smart as we are.
Take a look around you. In every office or every work place there are those who are hurting and are crying for help. But the thing that makes all this difficult is that there is an unwritten law that every one is to keep it inside, they do not want to look weak. It is important to project an image of strength and stability. But deep inside the heart lurkes discomfort and pain.

Remember this: People who are hurting will always hurt other people.
You find them irritable, offensive, you don't like the way they speak, they act and they way the treat you but maybe deep inside them, they feel they are not accepted.
To get beneath the facade and know the hurts and pains in the heart of this oppressive person. Reach out and be a friend. Respond to their cries for help and be willing to accept them as a friend.

Thankfully, God loves us with an unconditional love that welcomes us into His Presence no matter who we are or how handicapped we are in life. We've made a mess of our lives but He still loves us so much He gave His life for us. And the love and the forgiveness we now receive from Him should also be share with those who need it don't you think so?

If you feel you're hurting in life and that you can't cope anymore, there is One who will never reject you and He is more than willing to accept you into His loving arms. His name is Jesus. Call on Him with your whole heart and He will certainly respond.

Source: Hot Illustrations For Yourth Talks

I will not choose only the lovable but will find time to love the unlovable from here on. 

May your life be a blessing to others,

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