Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ultimately, It's Me

Golf by Accident
I was hooked to playing golf by accident. It was in 1985 when I first tried my hands on golf. My boss, Loy Nadal, was playing at the Fort Bonifacio Golf Club. He invited me to come with him and so I did. I had no plan whatsoever to play or did I consider it a bit as my hobby. So I went with him through the 18 hole game! Boy, did I get tired? You bet. But honestly, deep down inside I was beginning to change my perception of the game.
When our Japanese expat returned home, he talked with me and gave me his golf set. What? His golf set. It wasn't new but I was so excited to have one. However, that golf set did not bring me to the golf range immediately. Months have passed and nothing was happening.

The Golf Shoes Did it
One day, I went to visit the range in Fort  Bonifacio. It was just a plan to have lunch there and after that go back to office. As I was loitering around, I found myself inside the shop and looking at this golf shoes that was really good looking and the price was affordable. You know what? I bought it. I said, if I don't buy this I won't be able to start playing golf. That was it. the shoes did it for me!

Elmer, my Coach
I got professional help. Hired Elmer, the pro golf instructor at the range. He comes highly recommended. So everyday for the next two (2) months I was at the range for my lessons with Elmer during my lunch breaks, sort of 2 in 1 event. He really gave me my basic golf strokes and I was good. I saw my ball flying up to 200m and I loved every minute of my time with him.

My lessons was capped with my first try on the green at the old Canlubang Golf course. Elmer gave me the confidence I needed and I after that I was on my own and on my way to more golf experiences. My regular golf course was at the Navy Golf inside the fort also.

As years went by, I began to read a lot of magazines to try to improve my swings. I noticed that the more I read, the more my swing gets worse compared to what Elmer thought me. I tried to go back to my "Elmer" swing but I was having s bit of difficulty. So I decided to do away with trying to listen to many lessons on how to swing and just maintained my original swing, the way Elmer taught me.

Blogging My Way
Why am I telling you this? When I started blogging, I didn't know anything. I decided to be mentored just like my golf experience. So I enrolled and is now being mentored by Jomar Hilario. That was in December of 2010. It's almost a year this coming December. I learned a lot from Jomar. I am writing this blog directly on the post as a result of his mentoring.

But just like my experience with golf, I began to look at other's idea about blogging. I subscribed to many known blogging experts. You know what? The more I read, listened and looked, the more I get confused. I am beginning to smell that everyone of those who say the are the "guru" have a common vision: to get enough followers for a reason only they know. I am not saying that it is bad. All I am saying is, to simplify my life, I will have to decide which one will I really consider my mentor, coach or guide. In golf, it is Elmer. Now I have developed my swing with Elmer's lessons as my foundation. But hey, When I am in the green, it's ultimately my swing that will make or break me.

So it is with my blogging. Thank God for Jomar. But in the end, it will be me who will make or break me.

Happy golfing and blogging,
Jimmy, Unstoppable

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