Friday, June 22, 2012

Travel Makes Me Go On

I am privilege to travel every now and then. The last one was being away for twelve (12) days. It was going to four (4) cities in beautiful Japan. Twelve long days away from home and my wife makes it even challenging.

Coupled with this is the travel by Shinkansen or bullet train from one major city like Tokyo to Nagoya and down to Kobe. In addition to this is the checking in and out of hotels in those cities. Quite tiring I can tell you.

But the motion involve in all these is what makes my adrenalin rise.  It is a good thing that you can now see and hear an English version of the Nihonggo announcements in the transportation system of Japan. This takes a lot of tension away from a guy like in the midst of a complicated railroad system of Japan.

I want to say that traveling makes me young and energetic. So, I look forward to more travels to include one to the US of A and to canada.

What more can I say?

I am unstoppable,

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